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Hall Rentals

Our Banquet Hall, built in 1987, has been used for a host of different activities over the years including wedding receptions, public auctions, private parties, dances, class reunions, business meetings and seminars, bingo games, dog training classes, and a wide variety of special interest shows. The 60′ x 180′ air conditioned hall has a seating capacity of 700 with partitioned areas available for smaller groups. Also available for rental is our Center Court Meeting Room which can handle groups of up to 150.





3/3 Hall (60′ x 180′)



2/3 Hall (60′ x 120′)



1/3 Hall (60′ x 60′)



Meeting Room




The above prices, effective on January 1, 2020, are subject to change dependent on the impact of the event.

Policies for Rental of the Banquet Hall


1. The Lessee shall pay a $100 non-refundable down payment to secure the date at the time of scheduling. This will also serve as a security deposit against any damages. The full hall rent is due 2 weeks prior to the scheduled event. If you are renting only part of the hall, we do not rule out the possibility of renting the other section.

2. If the event will involve alcohol, the Lessee must show proof of “Liquor Liability” coverage through a “special events” policy. The coverage limit must be $1,000,000 per occurrence, Leesport Farmer’s Market Inc. must be added as an additional insured, and liquor liability must be included.

3. For parties renting the main Banquet Hall, the Leesport Market will set up the stage and all the tables and chairs. Please supply us with a plan or diagram of your desired seating arrangements at least 2 days prior to your event. All parties renting the Center Court Meeting Room shall set up their own tables and chairs.

4. The Lessee is responsible for covering all of the tables. Decorating and set up is possible the day before your event if the hall is not in use. If it is being used, a set up time will have to be arranged the day of your event. If the Lessee wishes to guarantee access for decorating from 11am to 8pm the day prior to the event a non-refundable fee of $100 must be paid when the date is secured.

5. Catering and beverage arrangements are entirely up to the Lessee. A controlled and responsible use of beer and wine (no hard liquor) will be permitted for wedding receptions and some private parties. (NO ALCOHOL will be permitted for baptisms and birthday parties for individuals under the age of 21.) Absolutely no alcohol consumption is allowed outside of the building.

6. The Lessee may be required to pay an additional fee for security guard service if the Lessor deems it necessary due to the size or type of event.

7. During the event, ALL guests (including children) MUST remain inside the building. Nobody should be loitering in the parking lot, the field, or under the pavilions. Adults are allowed to stand just outside the doors when smoking.

8. Activities shall conclude by 11:00 pm with 1 hour allowed for cleanup. The Lessee shall discard all table trash (dispose of all liquids in the sink and not in the trash containers), and remove all table coverings and decorations, along with the tape used to secure them. Unless prior arrangements have been made the doors will be locked absolutely no later than 12:00 midnight.

9. If, after an inspection of the facilities and grounds, no damages, theft, etc. have occurred, the $100 security deposit will be fully refunded. The facilities must be left in the condition in which the Lessee found them to receive the full refund (This includes the parking lot and bathrooms). The cost of any excessive cleanup necessitated by the event will be reflected in the adjustment of Lessee’s security deposit refund. If any damages or cleanup costs exceed the security deposit the Lessee will be billed accordingly.

10. Any deviations or changes in the above rules require the consideration of the Leesport Farmer’s Market, Inc.



For any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us:

email: or by phone at (610) 926-1307