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Craft Fairs

Discover Crafters Across the Region!

Our FIVE, year-round craft fairs have over 300 crafters occupying more than

500 spaces!

714 spaces are available

The show hours are 9:00am to 3:00pm

Admission and parking is free

A variety of refreshments are available on the grounds

Craft Fairs Schedule

Easter Craft Fair
Saturday March 28 & Sunday March 29, 2020
(This is the weekend before Palm Sunday)

Spring Craft Fair
Saturday May 9, 2020
(Held annually the day before Mother’s Day)

Mid-Summer Craft Fair
Saturday July 11, 2020 
(Held annually the Saturday after the first Sunday of July)

Harvest Craft Fair
Saturday October 10 & 11, 2020
(Held annually the second Sunday of October and the preceding Saturday)

Christmas Craft Fair
Saturday November 28 & 29, 2020
(Held annually the weekend after Thanksgiving)


Want to be a vendor at our Craft Fairs?

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CLICK HERE to Download the Crafters Application

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Reservation Policy for New Crafters

We only book one show ahead and we always give the participating crafters the first opportunity to reserve their spaces for the next show. This must be done by 4:30PM the first day of the prior show. Set up costs range from $25.00 to $60.00 per space, per day and as openings occur interested crafters will be advanced in location based on seniority.

Any new crafters interested in participating in our next show can stop by our office or print out an application from this website and send it in with your payment. When applying, please include the address to your website/etsy link or a photo of the craft you plan on selling (photos can be printed on computer paper). All reservations must be pre-paid. The 10’x10′ unsheltered spaces are $50.00 for the weekend (2 day shows) and $25.00 for the day (1 day show). We do not pre-book 1 day for 2 day shows. All new crafters will most likely start out in the field area.

Crafters without a reservation are welcome to stop by the morning of any show to fill any cancellations or unassigned spaces. A sign-in list for the day will be available in or in front of the lobby of the Banquet Hall after 5:30AM. We will begin filling these openings at 7:00AM by first helping any crafters, that have already pre-paid for a space, and are looking to improve their location. On the Saturday of a 2 day show we will help those crafters setting up for both days first and the single day crafters next in the order that they signed up that morning. We have currently been able to accommodate everyone who has come.



Policy For Existing Crafters

In an effort to provide more customer parking, we insist that:

  • All crafters will be allowed one vehicle on the premises.
  • All field area crafters shall park within their 12’x 35′ space and all other crafters shall park at or near their space.
  • All crafters will be allowed one vehicle on the premises.
  • All field area crafters shall park within their 12’x 35′ space and all other crafters shall park at or near their space.



  • All participants must sell crafts or craft related items.
  • Dismantling before 3:00PM is prohibited.
  • The use of nails or screws on our structure is prohibited.
  • Any tables moved during set up shall be returned to their original spaces.
  • No Dogs are allowed on the premises.



  • Reservations forms for the next show will be distributed in the morning. Fill them out completely (including name, phone number, address, and type of Craft). and return them, with payment, to the information desk located inside the building, before 3:30PM on the first day of the show.
  • If you must miss a show but would like to keep your space for the next show, the missed date must be paid for.
  • You must notify us by 9:00AM any day that your reserved space will be vacant (unused) or future reservations will be voided.
  • If you decide to give up your space, we will fill it.
  • If you would like to request a change in location, please note it on the bottom of the reservation form and we will contact you if we are able to help you.